Konrad Dobschuetz

Novartis UK Biome

I’m still trying to solve the mysteries of the universe made of a piece of string...get in touch if you want to help untangle it together! As a side job to pay the bills, I’m trying to democratise healthcare. Watch me...

I’m an innovative and entrepreneurial professional and citizen of the world with a strong dedication for the task at hand and desire to lead the change that surrounds us rather than be chased by it. I’d consider myself results driven and able to stand out from the crowd, advocating and implementing new solutions and visions rather than the old hat. I have about 20 years of experience in making stuff work (and also in digital and omni-channel marketing and strategy development, the must have stuff).

I am also working on real life AI and Blockchain innovation with real impact. I find it rewarding to speak internally and externally at conferences around innovation, blockchain and AI helping others to up-skill on all things new weird and wonderful. Working with start-ups on real stuff and helping the business by leading the Innovation Accelerator program is pretty cool too. I’m based in London and travelling this wonderful planet frequently if possible by train to crack problems and deliver solutions. #climate