Introduced in 2018, the Novartis Biome San Francisco sits in the digital heartland of San Francisco.

We’re taking on some of the biggest healthcare challenges – something we can’t and don’t want to do on our own. We’re committed to partnering with the best in the ecosystem to combine our deep scientific experience with the expertise of the tech world to develop – and crucially – scale digital solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.

Inspired by this notion, the Novartis Biome San Francisco was introduced in 2018, as a first step in the Novartis Biome story, to enable fluid co-creation between our internal and external partners – to accelerate the work we’re doing to reimagine medicine, at scale.

Bridging digital technology and patient needs

The Novartis Biome San Francisco sits in the digital heartland of San Francisco, home to a world-class innovator community, aiming to stimulate innovation and digital health solutions across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Robin Roberts Co-Founder and COO. Novartis Biome
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Novartis Biome
Robin Roberts

“We created the Novartis Biome as a bridge to help our partners become an extension of our own teams, working with us as easily and productively as possible to jointly innovate and co-develop digital solutions at scale.”

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