We believe in uniting the best of science and technology to create better healthcare solutions and seamless experiences for patients and caregivers, at scale.

Not to be confused with an accelerator or incubator, we allow teams to co-develop digital solutions alongside specific therapeutic offerings, research activities, and business processes within Novartis. At the same time, we provide external innovators with the resources and opportunities they need to validate their solutions through access to regulatory, medical or legal expertise, as well as data sandboxes linked to over two million patient years of clinical trial data, and in some cases, investment and financing.

Co-Founder & Global Head of Novartis Biome
Jacob LaPorte

“It’s not always easy for entrepreneurs or even sizable companies to work with Pharma and navigate the highly-regulated healthcare space. We’re committed to collaborating with the tech ecosystem and through the Novartis Biome will provide an on-ramp to make working with Novartis easier, as well as a sandbox for developing scalable digital solutions to healthcare challenges.”

Hemex collaboration

Our Impact

Collaboration with Hemex Health accelerates launch of sickle cell diagnostic.

Access to world-class expertise and technical skills

Whether you are biotechnology, medical technology, e-health, academia, through the Novartis Biome you will have

  • A speedy onboarding process in weeks, not months, so that teams are signed up and ready to build, validate and scale solutions that deliver practical, effective healthcare on a global scale.
  • Access to the Enablement Guild: A dedicated one-stop business partnering team providing speedy and specialist support from a wide range of practice, including Legal/IP, Privacy, Regulatory, ERC, Procurement, Quality, Patient Safety, IT, ISRM and Governance.
  • Access to expertise from functions such as regulatory, medical, clinical trial design, market access and legal, as well as ability to pressure test and validate the scalability of a digital solution prior to full-scale implementation.
  • Access to data sandboxes with access to more than two million patient years of clinical trial data.
  • In some cases, investment and financing