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One of the first companies to partner with the Novartis Biome back in 2018, Hemex Health launches a new portable diagnostic platform that could change the way sickle cell disease is tested, and offer a model for developing point of care tests for a range of diseases in low-resource settings.

Hemex Health was founded in 2016 to bring the power of advanced technology to the point of need. Its break-through diagnostic tools aimed at detecting sickle cell disease and malaria, shows the power of coming together to innovate and co-develop digital solutions at scale.


Collaboration with Hemex Health accelerates launch of sickle cell diagnostic

A new portable diagnostic platform could change the way sickle cell disease is tested and offer a model for developing point of care tests.

Patti White

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Listen to Patti White and Robin Roberts to learn more about the successful collaboration between Hemex and Novartis Biome.

Taking the fast lane

Patrice Matchaba (Novartis) and Patti White (Hemex Health) explain how the working together with the Novartis Biome has accelerated the development of a new point of care diagnostic for sickle cell disease.

Robin Roberts Co-Founder and COO. Novartis Biome
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Novartis Biome
Robin Roberts

"Developing a diagnostic for sickle cell disease, with the potential to save millions of lives is testimony to the disruptive digital spirit of the Novartis Biome"


A new diagnostic test built for low-income settings