The Novartis Biome Germany is located at the heart of Berlin in direct neighborhood to Berlin’s University Hospital Charité and in walking distance from the chancellery.

The German Innovation Hub connects Novartis and emerging, as well as established companies, in the tech- and health tech community, enabling seamless working for improved and, above all, digitally driven patient care of the future. We aim to combine our deep scientific experience with the expertise of our partners to develop digital healthcare solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.

Our vision for the Novartis Biome Germany is to be a catalyst for impactful digital collaborations and our purpose is to be a point of convergence for digital innovation as we strive to become the number one partner to the tech ecosystem.

Delivering safer and more targeted therapies

Germany is one of the first countries in which digital health applications can be prescribed by physicians to deliver safer and more targeted therapies for patients, which is part of the Digital Health Care Act. We aspire to leverage our extensive experience in this area to partner with the local tech ecosystem in all areas related to commercialization including regulatory, evidence generations and sales, to improve treatment outcomes, at scale. We also actively contribute with knowledge sharing at first tier events, such as Frontiers Health.

Novartis Biome Germany Lead
Jean Dietzel

“We want to face and tackle the health care challenges of the future by co-creating scalable digital solutions. Strong partnerships that are combining expertise of all areas involved are key to exploit the numerous new technological possibilities available and to make use of the opportunities the new legal framework is offering.”

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