Launched in 2020, the Novartis Biome Canada based in Montreal’s world-renowned artificial intelligence research institute, Mila.

The Novartis Biome is headquartered at Mila where start-ups and entrepreneurs have access to the Novartis Canada team so ideas can be converted quickly into solutions for patients. Recognizing the momentum for innovative digital solutions is here and now, partners also have available to them the growing Novartis Biome network globally, as well as resources to scale up ideas as fast as possible to help patients and healthcare providers in Canada and around the world


As a natural extension of Novartis activities and partnerships dedicated to AI and digital innovation for healthcare solutions, the launch of the Novartis Biome Canada followed on from the strategic alliance created in 2019 between Novartis and Mila, the Montreal AI research institute founded in 1993 by Professor Yoshua Bengio.

Our goal with the Biome is to become the leading health tech pharma company in Canada, working in collaboration with health tech pioneers who will become our partners in creating better healthcare solutions that can help enhance and accelerate the patient journey from diagnosis through treatment. We will be calling on start-ups to join us to help address some of the healthcare challenges Canadians face.


"We are extremely fortunate to have access to a rich and vibrant technology community here in Montreal and throughout Canada.”

Christian Macher, Country President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.


Launch of Novartis Canada Biome

The Biome will enable the brightest minds in healthcare, data science, technology and artificial intelligence to converge

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