The Innovation Hub is established in Kenya and covers 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

The Novartis Biome SSA is an industry-first in sub-Saharan Africa: an innovation hub that will spearhead the further development of innovative business models and technology-driven solutions to improve healthcare in the region. The hub will focus on cross-sectoral partnerships to accelerate innovative approaches to increase affordable access to high-quality medicines and sustainably strengthen health systems.

Today, access to medicines remains one of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges, with Africa being home to the largest underserved population in the world. A quarter of the global disease burden weighs on the continent, but only 3% of the world’s health workers are based there and the share of the world’s health expenditure for Africa is below 1%.

To help transform healthcare in the region and support the continent’s tremendous potential, the Novartis Biome SSA reinforces Novartis’ bold patient reach aspiration in sub-Saharan Africa. Our vision is to provide every patient on the continent with affordable access to high-quality medicines and sustainably strengthen health systems.

Novartis Biome SSA covers 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and is regional in its scope and ambition. Our approach allows for partnerships with regional organizations with localized knowledge, who can effectively deliver on our innovation community’s shared objectives at a grassroots level, while being connected to Novartis’ growing network of digital innovation hubs around the world.

Areas of focus

The Biome SSA is dedicated to improving patient lives in SSA and to championing new approaches to solving healthcare’s most complex access challenges.

This solidifies our work towards delivering on our mission of leaving no patient behind. We are fully cognizant of the power of partnerships and innovation in accelerating access to care and strengthening health systems.

Novartis Biome SSA drives impact-oriented collaborations with external organizations to help advance four strategic priorities:

  • extend affordability of healthcare
  • strengthen early diagnosis to drive better outcomes
  • lead in supply chain innovation
  • support HCP education and patient awareness

Novartis Biome SSA Launch Sessions

Novartis Biome SSA launched on November 23, 2021. Watch the videos on key sessions from our launch to learn more .

Novartis Biome SSA Launch Sessions

To meet the unmet needs of the vast population in SSA requires innovative solutions. Listen to different leaders delving deep on critical healthcare solutions.

Leaders conversations

Felix C. Ohnmacht, Ph.D.
Head of Commercial Strategy & Innovation, Novartis SSA
Felix C. Ohnmacht, PhD

“At Novartis, we share a firm belief in Africa’s great potential. Many of the most innovative solutions addressing key access barriers are and will continue to be born and bred on the continent. Our aspiration in launching the Biome SSA is to create an environment that harnesses innovation and strong partnerships in pursuit of meaningful access improvements for all. We are convinced that together with cross-sector partners, we can accelerate our ability to positively impact the lives of patients across the full income pyramid.”

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