Novartis Biome Singapore is our first innovation hub for the Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa (APMA) region dedicated to driving and managing partnerships with digital health startups, innovators and thought leaders in healthcare transformation.

The Singapore Innovation Hub joined the global Biome network in late 2020, following launches in San Francisco, London, Paris, Hyderabad, Montreal, Shanghai and Berlin. Moving forward, Novarits Biome Singapore will actively connect Novartis teams to emerging opportunities in the digital health ecosystem, while supporting internal entrepreneurs to design, deliver and scale solutions in various therapeutic areas.

Novartis Biome Singapore also looks to collaborate with healthcare agencies and research institutions on digitally enabled interventions, particularly in the prevention and management of chronic disease in Asia Pacific and beyond.

In 2021, the hub held its inaugural Digital Health Innovation Forum, a hybrid (physical-virtual) platform to foster conversations on digital healthcare and deepen engagement between Novartis, the healthcare system, and innovation community.


Areas of Focus

As part of the Patient Journey Accelerator, Novartis Biome Singapore focuses on scaling digital health solutions across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, convening innovation teams with complimentary patient and HCP pain-points, co-developing solutions with our health-tech partners and configuring internal processes for agility.

  • Novartis Biome Singapore is currently piloting new models of patient care with digital health partners including Biofourmis, Healint and Docquity.
  • The Novartis Biome Fellowship Program identifies strategic health-tech partners and provides them with growth support, spanning clinical expertise, access to patient data (anonymized) and navigating regulatory pathways, amongst other areas.
  • Recognizing that the success of our digital health partners depends on a strong external support network, Novartis Biome Singapore actively engages with government healthcare agencies, universities, research institutions, accelerators, start-ups and numerous other organizations.
Christian Teo
Head of Biome Singapore
Christian Teo

"As healthcare innovators, we ‘play’ at the intersection of public, private and academic interests. We seek to understand the aspirations of healthcare innovators, make sense of them using our experience in digital health and product development, then use that to design meaningful interventions, at scale."

Have a question and want to know more? For questions about the Novartis Biome Singapore, please contact Christian Teo at [email protected]