In February 2020, Hyderabad became home to our fourth digital innovation hub and the first hub in Asia. 

Located at the heart of Hyderabad site alongside a vibrant community of startups and innovators passionate about healthcare, the Novartis Biome India acts as a bridge to help our partners become an extension of our own teams, working with us as easily and productively as possible to jointly innovate and co-develop digital solutions at scale.

The Novartis Biome India reflects the region’s leadership in the digital health technology sector – with more 100 data and digital projects supported from the Novartis India site. Teams represent a microcosm of the entire value chain of a medicine, providing partners to with expertise and infrastructure to co-develop digital solutions alongside specific therapeutic offerings, research activities, and business processes within Novartis.


Areas of Focus


The Novartis Biome India has a strong focus on addressing some of the world’s most challenging healthcare issues. We are actively looking to collaborate with the tech ecosystem, comprising startups, academia and health innovators, through open innovation challenges such as HealthX to create better healthcare solutions using data science and digital technologies, at scale. 

It solidifies our continued efforts to accelerate patient access to remote care in the India, including digitizing the patient pathway, by means co-creation initiatives between Novartis and the tech ecosystem. 

For us, partnerships and cross-industry collaboration is vital to drive efficiencies in the healthcare system and ultimately improve patients’ lives. 
Briefly, we are looking for partners who can help us in:

  • Leveraging state-of-the-art data science and technologies such as AI and machine learning to reimagine customer interactions.
  • Using analytics or data modelling approaches to enabling accelerate drug development process across therapeutic areas and value chain (manufacturing, R&D, shared services, etc.)
  • Bringing tech-enabled disruptive solutions to solve healthcare pain points.
  • Meeting environmental sustainability goals through renewable thermal energy solution, alternative to natural gas, diesel and other fossil fuels combusted to produce thermal energy. Replacements should produce zero or absolute minimum carbon.

Novartis Biome India Lead
Renuka Bodla

“I’ve got experience of both the corporate and start-up worlds, and I know the challenges in both. My job with the Biome is to connect these two worlds. The Novartis Biome is the enabler! Partnering with the Indian tech ecosystem means we can jump-start digital innovation - to help get new medicines to patients twice as fast, and to improve their lives with new digital healthcare solutions.”


HealthX Challenge

We are looking for partners to co-create solutions for some of the most pressing needs of the pharma/healthcare industry.

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